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We install aluminum fencing all across Minnesota that is sure to give your property the look and feel you desire. Our aluminum fencing provides our valued customers with all of the best possible features and benefits of a top quality product. Whether it's for your home or business, aluminum fences are a great choice! When you're in the market for a fence, the styles and strengths you can find with aluminum fencing are perfect for a wide range of property applications.

Whatever the reason you're fence shopping, Shed & Fence Company is here for all your aluminum fencing needs.

For many residents in West Metro Minnesota, nothing can compete with the elegance and sophistication of Aluminum Fencing.

Aluminum FencingKey Features

Our aluminum fences and gates come in a variety of sizes and styles and are engineered to withstand the harshness of the Minnesota elements. Additional accessories and top accents allow you to let your individual tastes and style shine.

Our aluminum fences are made in such a way as to be low maintenance over their lifetime. The aluminum material is protected with a specially formulated coating that protects each fence and does not need to be repainted. A simple rinse with a hose to remove dust and dirt is all that is required to keep your fence looking great.

Aluminum fence features popular with West Metro Minnesota homeowners

Strong Aluminum Posts

When properly installed by our expert fence pros, our professional-grade aluminum fence posts will stand strong and hold up, keeping your fence secure for many years. Quality matters! Our aluminum fences are engineered to withstand the West Metro Minnesota climate and weather. You can count on the fact that our aluminum fences are built and expertly installed to stand tall for years to come! It all starts with a strong fence post!

Our aluminum fences are built to last, and a key reason our aluminum fences last so long and look like new is because of the high-quality aluminum fencing we install for our residential and our commercial clients in the West Metro Minnesota area.

Aluminum fence features popular with West Metro Minnesota homeowners

Strong Aluminum Rails

Our professional-grade aluminum rails are what separates us from many of our competitors. Our rails are constructed from high-grade, strong aluminum with a finish that is warranted against manufacturing defects so it won't rust, peel, or flake like lesser quality aluminum rails.

Our aluminum fencing is sourced from top manufactures that offer the most durable, high-quality ornamental aluminum products in the industry. Our professional-grade aluminum rails are an important difference for our customers because the weakest part of a lower-quality aluminum fence is found in the horizontal rails!

Aluminum fence features popular with West Metro Minnesota homeowners

Aluminum Pickets

Just like our posts and our rails, we install aluminum fence panels that use high-quality aluminum pickets. The exceptional manufacturing process of our aluminum pickets may cost a little more, however, aluminum fences across West Metro Minnesota take a lot of abuse, and our high-quality pickets are proven to be up to the task! For aluminum fences that last for years and look great, high-quality aluminum pickets are a must!

All of our aluminum posts, rails, and pickets come standard with a high-quality factory-applied powder coating that is highly scratch resistant, maintains the beautiful finish that defines aluminum fencing, and resists color fading from the harsh sun and weather conditions of West Metro Minnesota.

Key Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a great choice. Here are some of the main reasons.

Key Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for West Metro Minnesota properties.

Aluminum fencing in the West Metro Minnesota region is one of the easiest types of fences to take care of. With its sleek design and protective coating, aluminum fences stand up to years of harsh weather and use. Unlike some other fence types, powder-coated aluminum fences will not rust or be bothered by pests or plants. If your aluminum fence does need to be cleaned, a simple wash with water and a couple drops of dish soap will remove any dirt or debris.

Key Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for West Metro Minnesota properties.

Minnesota aluminum fences are attractive and provide a look of elegance and style unmatched by other fence materials. Not only are they beautiful in design, but they are made to look practically brand new for their entire lifespan. There is a variety of colors and designs you can choose for an aluminum fence to match your property and unique style.

Key Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for West Metro Minnesota properties.

The durability of aluminum fences in Minnesota is another benefit. With its metal alloy components and its high quality finish, aluminum fences are made lighter weight and are less expensive than wrought iron, but surprisingly just as strong and long lasting! They hold up very well in harsh weather and they won't rust. With all of these benefits, aluminum fences are a popular choice for many West Metro Minnesota properties.

Key Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for West Metro Minnesota properties.

All across West Metro Minnesota, aluminum fences are installed in a variety of configurations and sizes. With various styles, colors, and decorative options available, you have the freedom to create a fence that complements your property's aesthetics. Choose from different heights, picket styles, and ornamental accents to personalize your fence and make it stand out from the rest.

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Why our Aluminum Fence Is The Best

We use a new method that makes aluminum fence posts stiffer and stronger, with no need for concrete and no mess with digging! Our new no-dig I-beam post-hole driver process is absolutely 100% the best way to install an aluminum fence. Check out our new process in this video that shows how easy and efficient it is to install, even in the frozen winter ground!

Examples of our Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fence installation project in West Metro, Minnesota
Aluminum Fence installation project in West Metro, Minnesota
Aluminum Fence installation project in West Metro, Minnesota
Aluminum Fence installation project in West Metro, Minnesota
Aluminum Fence installation project in West Metro, Minnesota
Aluminum Fence installation project in West Metro, Minnesota
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Absolutely! With the variety in terrain and property needs, aluminum fencing is a great choice for many homeowners and business owners alike. With its rust resistance and durability from the elements, aluminum fencing can meet the needs of any property across West Metro Minnesota.

Shed & Fence Company Fence faqs

All posts, panels and components used to create our aluminum fence and gate systems are manufactured by Plantation Prestige and are made in the USA. Our aluminum fences are available in a 3-rail flat top, with matching walk gates to double drive gates that will compliment any home style. All Plantation Prestige fence panels feature a hidden fastener system, so there are no unsightly brackets or hardware, making for a "good neighbor" fence.

We offer a 3-rail flat top style aluminum fence for our customers in the West Metro Minnesota region.

Compared to other fence materials in West Metro Minnesota like chain link or wood, aluminum fencing is more expensive. Look at the overall costs before making a decision based on budget alone. Aluminum fencing is more expensive to install at the onset; however, if you look at the lifespan it gives and the low to nearly no maintenance it offers, the lack of future costs can make the difference and save you time and money in the long run.

Time frames for installation across Minnesota vary according to the seasons and the list of jobs we currently have lined up. We do our very best to schedule your fence project as soon as we possibly can to meet your needs. Call and speak to one of our friendly experts to find out what the current situation is for you!

It depends! Always check with your specific West Metro Minnesota municipality for the exact details of permitting requirements for your next fence project. Each town is different, so be sure to make the call and obtain the proper paperwork and authorizations needed. If you have any questions, you can contact our office, too.

We set our posts 2 1/2' deep. We mix our concrete using a concrete mixer for better quality and consistency. We use and Quikrete 80 lb. bags for each post and allow a 6-7" frost cap of dirt on top of the concrete to secure the post and base from heaving in the harsh West Metro Minnesota winter weather.

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